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ismailagodhasheard said: I do not have a question. i just want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Christians to the GLBTI community. Some Christians support same sex marriage. I know that I do.

bishiesuki said: This comes in terms of Trans* individuals. I mean I have several friends where someone poses as one in turn with another, so I kind of know how this works. But the whole "How to Be an Ally" poster really got to me. I mean I respect people all the same and I treat them as people, why should I be oh so sensitive on what i call them when I treat them as any other individual and assume their gender. Those posters came across like as if they were handicapped.

We certainly don’t think being trans* is a handicap! Obviously gender identity is a difficult thing to navigate for everyone, and these infographics came from sites that are trusted resources for the trans* community. They have been developed by members of the trans* community and their allies to help create a dialogue in which we as humans learn to ask each other about our identities instead of making assumptions about how others define themselves based on superficial qualities like appearance. 

<3 Ruth Elizabeth

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Your blog on TDOR is great! Thanks! Check out this video by the staff at Fenway Health for the amazing I AM TRANS project! http://fenwayfocus.org/2012/11/iamfenway/

"Letting Go Of Fear"

I am gay because I am no better or worse than another human being— I AM.

I am gay because I have questioned why I have not felt at peace at times in my life, for I have learned to honour and trust the answers from my heart as true and good.

I am gay because I no longer choose to run from life, where fear fails to dictate how I think and act.

I am gay because I have realised it is more important to call forth and walk in the energy of who I AM as opposed to what people say I should be.

I am gay because I choose to heal the wounds of oppression, to call upon the feminine and masculine strengths, integrating the wisdom of both energies. For in past lives I have walked as both male and female, and in despising aspects of a specific gender, I likewise despise that part of myself; and by accepting and loving all parts of myself, I am likewise made whole.

I am gay because I understand that the love of God cannot be confined to one religion or belief system.

I am gay because I know the Creator loves all people equally, where there is no judgement of “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong; where such judgements do not exist; where here and now can be filled with joy, for we call it to ourselves.

I am gay because I have questioned societal rules, for the questioning has revealed that the rules themselves often cause us to fear one another.

I am gay because the journey, though difficult at times, has taught me that we are not so different, that most of us in one way or the other are taking what life gives us and trying to build strength from it.

I am gay because I have walked through the fear, and learned to extend my love to all creations, and in creating balance, I find the beauty of who I am, as well as see it in who we are— as family of man.

I AM that I AM.

Paraphrased from “Letting Go of Fear” by Cristi Jenkins 

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Anonymous said: Oh ok thank you for your time.

I do hope you find someone who helps you navigate this a little better.

Know you are supported and loved.


Anonymous said: Ok because this is anonymously written anyway I'll just ask here haha. So, if you think you are transgender but you still like the opposite sex does that make you gay? Or is it even possible?

I would highly recommend talking to The Self Made Men, Art of Transliness and Ryan Sallans. They are all ftm blogs that offer great insight, pen pals and support.

I believe that sexuality and gender are not the same thing. They compliment each other but they are not mutually exclusive. As for what to label yourself, I believe as you become more comfortable with how you identify you will find the best words to help others understand.

Anonymous said: Sorry if this is obvious, but I'm new to tumblr, and wondering if there is anywhere I could ask a few questions about a topic I'm wondering about privately for advice?

you are welcome to ask off on anon (I will reply one on one). You just need to say that you’d like it to not be posted.

Stand Up - No more teen suicides

I just read an article about a district that has had 9 suicides in two years. Due to the extremely conservative Christians that ran the town, any form of “non-neutrality” on the subject of homosexuality could lead to a district backlash. Students were bullied emotionally and physically every day of their lives for being gay - beat up, banned from locker rooms, peed on from balconies, shoved and called “fags” and “dykes” - and the teachers sat by, seeing it all, and did nothing. The students had no one to turn to, and in one school year over 700 teens were evaluated for mental illnesses, including hospitalizations for suicide attempts and depression. The kids at the school were afraid every time the intercom came on, terrified to hear that another student was dead. These kids lost 9 people, and the district stood by and did nothing - in fact, they sent out papers saying that none of the deaths were related to bullying whatsoever. 
If I had to list my one biggest problem with this country, it’s that I am tired of seeing kids my age die because of bullying, and because of society. It’s an election year - many of my friends can vote this year, as well as high-schoolers all over the country. To be honest, I don’t care what religion the person running is. I don’t care if they are old or young or black or white. I want someone who will stand up, and who will STOP THIS. 
Sure, stop the recession please. Keep us out of any pointless wars. But I am so tired of turning on the news and seeing another teen dead because of bullying, because of little county and state boards that are filled with close-minded people who think to pass acts that allow gay bullying as a form of “free speech” (or that don’t allow the subject to be brought up at all), and because there are not enough people out there who are standing up to STOP THIS.
I don’t care if you personally believe in gay rights or even people being gay at all. But we are in a new human rights movement, the same as the one that won African-Americans equality 50 years ago, only now the fight is over the right to LOVE. 
You can stand up against the close-minded bullies who stalk the young, against the politicians and the boards who would seek to ignore the problem or make it worse, against the people who keep telling teens that they are abnormal and doomed to hell; or you can stand with those people and have the deaths of hundreds and thousands on your conscience. 
But sitting on the sidelines while kids are bullied to the point of suicide should no longer be an option. We are entering a new era, and you can either be on the right side or the wrong side of history, but it’s time for people to choose, and it’s time for them to stand up - the days of turning on the news to see another gay teen suicide, or any suicide for that matter, need to end, and bullies need to be shown that they no longer have power.

lgbtq rapper

this is one of many. let me know of other lgbtq subjects to rap about and ill write them!


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These are my uncles Edwin and Tim who are currently in a lawsuit with the U.S. Federal government to MAKE IMMIGRATION AND MARRIAGE EQUAL FOR ALL

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These are my uncles Edwin and Tim who are currently in a lawsuit with the U.S. Federal government to MAKE IMMIGRATION AND MARRIAGE EQUAL FOR ALL


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kararikue said: That LGBTQ quotes photoset is a whole lotta vanilla male. You used Kristin Chenoweth instead of, oh I don't know, a QPOC. Now I know Audre Lord, Gloria Anzaldúa, Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Frida Kahlo, etc. have said some amazing things. So please, stop saying something is LGBTQ when it obviously is just white LGBTQ + token black guy. kthnxbai

I thank you for sending this response. The photo series was a series of quotesthat has been posted on the KNOWhomo page from the last year (#quotes). I included quotes that had the most reposts and likes in the photoset. I completely agree that it is not a diverse grouping nor has KNOWhomo provided enough POC (both queer* and ally) in past posts. Lorrainne Hansberry has made many posts but was not one of the highest reblogs. 

I am familiar with Audra Lord and Gloria Anzaldúa and I look forward to posting more about them in the future. River and Johnson are two people I haven’t read yet and now look forward to researching more. 

Frida Kahlo (for quotes) has been shared/produced on tumblr many times. I usually don’t do resposts. I also won’t recreate a post someone has done that circulates well (I will link to them in the information below graphics). 

I would also like to include more trans* POC, especially trans women, if you have any recommendations. I would also like to include more (male bodied/male identified) men of color if you have any recommendations.

Let’s keep this dialogue open. I look forward to talking to you more.


trilliamsdotcom said: I noticed that you do not have to many Black historical or present day figures on this blog. The Black gay community would be extremely grateful to see ourselves represented on this blog a little more. Also, do you post known/famous allies on this blog as well? Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!

I completely agree! 

I have found that queer history is so lightly maintained (and HIGHLY argued). Sadly because so little has been transcribed about pre-1960s LGBTQ* history, it is quite hard to find information about under represented individuals. I read once that George Washington Carver was on the LGBTQ* spectrum but I never found anything else to back it up. 

As for modern LGBTQ* individuals of color, I find similar things happen. There is so much stigma on being LGBTQ* and a person of color (namely a man of color). I am researching more about Sissy Bounce and the Lesbian Black Caucus at this time. My research is not at a strong enough understanding to answer questions that may be passed my way. 

I will happily post/research any ideas you may have. Please don’t hesitate to send them my way. I would love to know more.

Also, there is now a Black / African-American hash tag added to the sidebar on KNOWhomo’s page. I hope to add to it and focus on many people of color in the near future.

Thank you for your message and I look forward to talking to you more. 

#Black / African American

outvex-deactivated20140124 said: Hi Rebecca. I'm running a LGBT oriented blog here on Tumblr. If you have recommendations for others who blog on that topic, would you mind letting me know? If you'd review my own with feedback, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for doing what you do. I hope we make a difference.

Hey Tumblr Friends and Family, FYI, new blog you may want to check out.

amberthoughts said: I am working on a presentation about suicide among LGBTQ* youth. Do you know of any good resources for this type of information? I am looking for both statistics and stories. Please respond with any information you may have or any ideas on where to start looking. Thanks!

I highly recommend checking in with the Trevor Project. Also check-in with any of the national health associations for suicide information.

I am not an expert in the subject matter and I repost things I find online (but I would HIGHLY recommend you do your own research as things change and my information may already be outdated).

Break a pencil!